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How do we remember words ?

The other day, I had an opportunity to talk to a person who had a brain tumor before surgery to remove it (Mr. X).
(Incidentally, he's very well now.)

At the time of our interview, Mr. X was unable to remember some words because the tumor had squeezed the language areas of his brain.
For example, if you look at a picture of a cow, the word "cow" doesn't come up. It was the same with "bamboo shoots", "fusuma" and "torii".

However, he says that he somehow understands the existence of the word "cow" itself.
In the same way, he says he understands "beef" and "milk" but can't pinpoint that they are made from "cows".

After hearing this story.
When a person remembers a word, he remembers it about another word that preceded the word in his memory.
I realized that this is what I am trying to do.


In other words, Mr. X was in a state where the thread connecting the words was broken, but the thread was only broken, so he remembered the existence of those words themselves.
Could it be that a network of knowledge centered on cattle that have broken down because the thread that connects words to words has been broken?

Mr. X didn't understand the concept of "bamboo" anymore, but as he researched "bamboo", he gradually came to understand "bamboo".
In this way, we may have been able to rejoin the broken thread by tapping into the knowledge of "meaning", "image", "taste" and "related words" of "bamboo" again.
By doing so, you were able to recreate the knowledge network of "bamboo" once again.

Come to think of it, I was told to be aware of the flow of history up to high school.
Instead of memorizing each term like a vocabulary book, it may be better to memorize each term in a flowing manner, relating them to each other, which suits the memorization system of the brain.

However, it may not be enough to just "memorize for the sake of memorizing".
Because knowledge is there to be remembered and used.

I guess I can't just memorize it. I suppose I need to be reminded. (Hideo Kobayashi*1).

I reflected on trying to memorize it for remembering and using it.


モオツァルト・無常という事 (新潮文庫)

モオツァルト・無常という事 (新潮文庫)